Who is an AMI-certified teacher?

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Montessori learning

Montessori learning is what provides support to a child. It is the first step that a child takes on the ladder of education. Montessori is a successful approach because its base is built on the natural development of humans and the idea that curiosity in children should be embraced, that they should have their own space where they learn qualities like self-help and social responsibility.

What it means to be a Montessori teaching

An AMI-certified teacher is the one who makes Montessori learning fruitful for the children. They have a great responsibility on their hands, which is to guide, assist and embrace the natural growth and development of each unique human who is in their care. Montessori teaching is very different from traditional teaching. It requires an infinite amount of attention, to explore more and more about each child. The fundamental code of Montessori teaching is assisting children to self-discover themselves, this is what AMI teachers are experts at. They guide the children to find their own strengths and abilities.  AMI teachers are not just keen observers but also excellent at it, which makes it easier for them to evaluate each child. They can track down the progress of the children, whether it’s academic, emotional, or social. AMI teachers provide children the space to learn independence and responsibility through appropriate lessons and self-correcting.

About AMI

The Association Montessori International (AMI) was founded by Maria Montessori in 1929. The association supports Montessori education. It is an educational approach that upholds the rights of each child in society. AMI courses are internationally recognized and authentic. They provide teachers with the skill and ability to prepare the children for what will come their way in tomorrow’s world, this is why Montessori learning is so important for children, and Montessori teaching a very respectable and important profession. Red Maple Montessori is the Best Montessori School in Islamabad.

Montessori method of teaching

AMI-certified teachers are trained to be more understanding towards children. Montessori teaching is all about believing, supporting, and providing opportunities for a child. Montessori teachers know when to step in or step out of a situation. They create an environment of warmth and joy for the children, which meets their development needs and encourages their will of learning. The Montessori learning environment helps children develop socially, emotionally, academically, and behaviorally.

Practices of an AMI-certified teacher

  • Understanding the children and guiding them into finding their way
  • Creating a good environment for the children, which is collaborative, calm, joyful, interesting, and opens them to learning
  • Respecting every child as an individual that has a unique development pattern
  • Believing in the education that meets a child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development needs.
  • Encouraging a child towards independence and social responsibility
  • Assisting every child to progress at his/her own pace.
  • Helping children to help themselves and discover their potential.
  • Guiding children to follow their interests and take part in the activities they like.
  • Developing strong academic skills, self-discipline, and leadership qualities in children.
  • Connecting children to themselves and others.

“The teacher must give her lesson, plant the seed, and then disappear; observing and waiting”

-Maria Montessori, December 1925

Purpose of Montessori 

Montessori teaching is unlike traditional teaching. Similarly, Montessori learning is unlike traditional learning. One of the most distinctive characteristics of Montessori learning is letting the children discover answers on their own, while the teacher silently observes and comes for help whenever the child needs it. It is an open-ended experience for both the teacher and the child with an emphasis on independence and choice. It does not emphasize grades and examinations but the focus is to make children more mature, creative, and socially adept students of the future. Montessori learning is a process of learning by doing and AMI teachers encourage the whole process through out.

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