Head’s Welcome

Thank You very much for taking an interest in Red Maple Montessori, one of the first places where the revolutionary pedagogy pioneered by Dr. Maria Montessori took root in Islamabad, Pakistan. Montessori is not just an educational style, it is a way of life that informs our everyday practice and directs the way we interact with the world as peaceful and respectful human beings.

Welcome to our website. I hope the information that you find here piques your interest and that you soon find yourself at RMM in person, seeing the amazing things that happen in our classrooms. Only visiting our school can give you a true glimpse of the potential it holds for your child. I hope to welcome you on campus as you begin to understand what Red Maple Montessori can do not only for your child, but for your whole family.

Congratulations on taking this first step. A school does not only admit students; rather, schools admit families. I remember finding Montessori education when I was a new mother. I can tell you that I am a different mother than I would have been and my family is a different family because of how Montessori education affected us, and I am grateful for its influence on each of us every day.

Montessori education is founded upon self-directed, experiential, and project-based learning in multi-age classrooms where children lead from both the front and from the middle. RMM provides a nurturing environment in which strong social-emotional skills seamlessly develop in tandem with rigorous academics. While these building blocks have become more and more popular to talk about as conventional schools scramble to meet the needs of the future, our system has experience and evidence backing its approach due to Montessori’s insight and foresight.

Please, give us a call. Send us an email. Join us for a tour or an open house. We are eager to help you discover your child’s potential through RMM’s community.

Best Regards,

Head Of School

Managing Director

Montessori Directress