Summer Camp at RMM offers non-stop opportunities for creativity, discovery, active play, social interaction and fun! Montessori elements of independence, choice and responsibility carry over into the Summer Camp environment as we continue to inspire children to be their best possible selves. With RMM Summer Camp, your child will have the chance to grow their skills in science, art, creative thinking and outdoor games while having an amazing time.


Zumba classes for young children feature child-friendly routines based on Zumba choreography. The steps are broken down and games, activities cultural exploration elements are added to the class structure. These activities have numerous benefits for brain development. The movement and coordination of limbs creates communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which creates the potential for higher intellectual thought, rhythm, and tempo.



Sports have many rules that must be understood if one is to play with others across the globe. For example, understanding football and how it is played is a universal language because football is played globallyParticipation in sports offers many health and great fitness advantages for children and it also teaches young children the skill of cooperation and life lessons about winning and losing.


Our Arts and Crafts sessions are about having a go, being inspired by the world around will encourage children to develop their own ideas. The activities involve experimenting with different tools and materials. We use different techniques to create sculptures, paintings and collages. Art is the perfect vehicle for self-expression. It is amazing to see the wealth of creativity we have within our little community!


Children prepare cold snacks such as sandwiches, salads, milkshakes and different drinks. Learning to cook your own food fosters independence. We also discuss foods that benefit body and how a healthy body works. Cooking is a calming and fun activity, which promotes exploration of numerous academic concepts. Children interact with different learning concepts associated with math and science and have the opportunity to expand vocabulary.