Children require stimulating, supportive and nurturing care when their parents are not available. High quality childcare and early childhood education can improve children’s chances for success in later life.

(World Health Organization)   

Daycare Program

A child’s early years are critical. Nobody knows that better than us, and nobody does more to make them count. In most cases, both parents are working and need dependable, quality care for their children. With our specially designed daycare, child-centered approach, and tailored care, we give every single RMM child the very best start in life.



A daycare should be an extension of the home environment. We feel that our caring staff can give the love and support that the children and their parents need. We strive to get to know the “whole” family, including family, pets and family values and traditions. We want to reinforce morals and manners that may be taught at home.

It is our responsibility to assist each child in reaching his/her full potential. We strive to meet this goal by recognizing each stage of development in each child and planning activities to meet their individual needs. Emphasis is placed on nurturing and facilitating growth in all developmental domains: social, physical, emotional and cognitive. We want each child to have a positive self-concept and be confident while trying new things.

Hours of Operation:

At RMM our main aim is to facilitate both parents and children the best way we can by providing them with quality education and after care.

Our Daycare Program consists of our Montessori Program and After Care program




Toddler Program

1.5-3 Years


CASA Program

3-6 Years


After Care Program

1.5-10 Years



Extended hours services as well as drop in care will also be provided as per everyone’s individual needs.