At RMM, we believe in letting children experience different activities. Learning by arranging festivals, trips and sessions plays a major role in growth and development of children that cannot be done with only classroom textbook learning.

Field Trip Days

We arrange educational and fun field trips to Lok Virsa or fun city to have interesting experiences.

Fund Raiser

We host an annual Bake Sale to raise money for a cause. It is arranged by Children along with their parents.

Winter Gala

To celebrate the change of the season we host a Winter Gala filled with happiness, food and games.

Cooking Sessions

Our children when it comes to cooking they love it. This has led to healthier habits especially for picky eaters.

Info Sessions

Circle time is when important information is shared with children including significance of religion and world events.

Show and Tell

Children bring their favorite toy, book and talk about them in front of their class. This activity boosts their confidence.

Graduation Day

To mark a milestone of having finished 3 years of Early Educations, we celebrate with a Graduation day.

Poetry Tea Time

Poetry Tea is to add a bit of culture. Children gather around with a hot cup of tea in a fancy tea cup and listen to different poems.

Parent Involvement

RMM parents are involved in everything in different ways and we have different activities for them on special days.

International Days

We like to celebrate almost all of the UN International Days and teach our children the significance of those days.