Our Mission

Red Maple Montessori’s mission is to create and sustain an optimum Montessori educational environment to enable all children to realize their richest potential for learning and to become independent, self-motivated and contributing members of the world community. This is best accomplished by:


Our Values

Our Core Values

The core values at the heart of our community provide the best environment for students to develop skills in critical thinking, civic engagement and creative problem solving.

Nurturing Independence

Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed to meet our students’ developmental needs and support and nurture their natural curiosity for learning. By guiding rather than mandating the learning process, we encourage the natural development of the student’s independence, self-direction and self-motivation.

Inspiring Empathetic Leadership

Our classroom communities provide the perfect setting for students to explore and fulfill their need for social order. They are free to be a follower at some times and a leader at others. Our curriculum, together with lessons in “Grace and Courtesy,” give our students the vocabulary and self-awareness to recognize and regulate their feelings, the ability to feel empathy for others, and the strategies and tools for managing conflict. They understand that they have a shared responsibility for the group’s well being.