At RMM we have made a promise to provide the most well thought out classroom environment for your child. Just as the environment is considered as the teacher, the adults in our school are also aligned with the core Montessori philosophy and are trained in observing the various child development milestones.

Our commitment to Montessori trained staff is such that we have engaged with globally accredited training institutes for international certification and courses which are regularly provided to our staff on contract and are mandatory to those who do not have a Montessori background but have their heart into teaching younger children.

Why would you invest in your child between 2-7 years of age?

Physical Development:

  1. Gross motor development through age appropriate play equipment
  2. Rock climbing
  3. Tyre bridge
  4. Football kicking net
  5. Mini Basketball
  6. Badminton
  7. Body balancing play structure
  8. Mini skipping challenges
  9. Obstacle courses
  10. Fine motor skills development through Practical Life activities

Intellectual and Cognitive development:

  1. Luxurious experience of books
  2. Development of writing grip
  3. High quality puzzles for problem solving skills
  4. Sensory materials to provide core concepts of Geometry
  5. Sensory materials for Number Sense and Measurement skills
  6. Hands on materials to learn alphabets and sounds
  7. Word building and sentence building skills development

Social and Emotional Skill:

  1. Manners (Grace and Courtesy exercises)
  2. Community behavior
  3. How to be with friends
  4. Conflict management
  5. Sharing is caring
  6. Random acts of kindness
  7. Learning respect for the old and the young
  8. High emphasis on expression of feelings for regulation of emotions
  9. Development of basic communication skills

What makes RMM different from other Preschools and Day cares?

For many parents, the decision comes down to practicalities such as distance and availability. When you are school shopping for a suitable institute to better facilitate your child in this important stage of their life, factors such as cost, schedule, student-teacher ratio, reputation, leadership credentials, and general feel of the physical environment play an important role in your decision. The environment plays a major role in the behaviour of the child as they absorb their surroundings.

Our Vision

‘Quality education’ is a commonly used phrase but less commonly found. We at RMM believe that a community based school has long term effects on the pivotal developmental years of a child. The environment is the biggest teacher. 

Therefore following Dr. Maria Montessori’s principles, we always tried and will continue to provide an authentic Montessori classroom experience through mixed-age groupings. This does not only include high quality wooden Montessori materials and furniture but also the ambiance which provides a sense of calm and serenity for your child. We avoid using plastic, and instead we consciously add natural materials to our environment.

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Our Community

A well-known and closely followed Montessori phrase is “Follow the Child.” RMM’s teachers understand that children have an innate sense of wonder and curiosity, and they foster this by allowing the child to follow that curiosity. Students are encouraged to research and learn more, taking as much time as they need, until that curiosity is satisfied. Given the right environment and supporting materials, a socially and emotionally balanced community, teachers who guide rather than mandate and the freedom to follow their own curiosity, RMM students discover the true joy of learning